Our Company

A company created by executives in the medical sector, especially in the cardiovascular field with more than 20 years of experience.

Distributing a diverse array of medical devices, implantable and non-implantable, throughout Spain and Portugal.

Developing specific services for different pathologies such as Cryptogenic Stroke.


We count with a distribution network formed by 3 direct people and 6 indirect in Spain plus 2 in Portugal.

We have clients and contacts in all hospitals in the area of Cardiology, Neumologist and Sleep Apnea disorders.
Specifically in interventionist units where we are widely known and valued as a company.



The direct team sold in 2019 plus 4,000,000 € in implantable devices. The joint sale with the agents exceeded 10,000,000 € in implantable devices.


We collaborate with different research foundations in cardiovascular diseases such as the foundation of the House of the Heart, the FIC


We have specialists and engineers who develop activities in fields as diverse as arrhythmias, neumologist, sleep apnea, neurology, heart failure, etc.


We cover more than 30% of our income in training and research.


We work in more than 150 units of cardiology.
We give more than 2000 technical supports in these units


5 Direct employees:
Madrid, Castilla León, Extremadura,
Castilla La Mancha
6 Commercial agents:
Andalucía, Canarias, Cataluña, Aragón,
Baleares, Comunidad Valenciana
Murcia, Galicia, País Vasco Y
All with direct employees
Department of regulatory.

2 Commercial agents.

Who We Are

Board Directors

Vicente Copoví

Founder. 100% Company owner

25 years in the medical device market
Being Global Director for Spain at Sorin Group (8 years), Marketing Director at Boston Scientific (2 years), Director of Sales at Guidant SA (6 years).

Eugenia Abildua

Sales Director

15 years in the medical device market.
Being 8 years Sales CRM director in Sorin Group.

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